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Leon, a disgraced, global e-Sports champion, now a video game grifter who hacks credit card information from passing online players in the game, Astralis. Just as Leon leaves for his shift as a low-paying security guard, he notices one of his victims, Sophie, swatted by police as she live streams. Leon watches in horror and realizes that he’s indirectly responsible as he’s broadcasting her address publicly. 


But what appears on Insta isn’t true in real-life. Leon recruits a diverse group of nerds (his loyal-to-a-fault BFF, a xennial game store manager, and a slacker single mom) and they agree to temporarily work together to cut down the racist and out of control sponsored gaming clan: HAZE - a YouTube channel run by rich, white, fuck boys.  All Leon’s team needs to do is enter a tournament, steal from a charity, frame HAZE, and walk away unscathed.  


Sounds easy, right?  But first they’ll have to get good.

Starry Sky


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