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Hyon Johnson

Writer / Director

Michael Hyon Johnson is a half black, half South Korean Air Force veteran and writer/director. He's produced award winning narrative short films, music videos, and branded content for BuzzFeed, Machinima Inc, and is the co-founder of the video production company Story Mode. His first web-series, PreGame Lobby was distributed by Machinima, Inc and has garnered a cult following.

Michael earned a MFA from Chapman University and is the winner of the M Film Lab 2022 Spring program.

Following his experiences working with gaming video distributor Machinima, Inc and various esports gaming influencers - Michael has created an absurdist comedy that exposes toxic streamer culture.

LOST THE LEAD questions: what if influencers weaponized the police to increase their notoriety? The result is horrifying but a band of awkward nerds will seek retribution.


Michael is always writing... he was also selected as a mentee the Netflix Animation Foundation's writing program, the Writer’s Guild Foundation’s: Veteran’s Writing Project;  and is a VME - AT&T Veterans Media Fellow.


Live Q&A

Watch the pilot followed by
a virtual livestream Q&A with the cast and crew!

Cast & Crew


Tristan Turner

Keenan Gibson

Jaimie Leung

Celia Schiling

Anika Kokatay

Bennett Reeber

Landon Lee

as Leon

as Marcus

as Mia

as Tessa

as Sophie

as Squirrel King

as Kyle


Jameson Mitchell

Amanda Dyer & Christine Cho

Robert Chuck

Miles Wilson

Co-Executive Producer and Head of VFX




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