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Created by Michael Hyon Johnson

"A game changer"

"Socially relevant 

now more than ever"

"The best series about gamers...ever!"


Leon, a disgraced, global e-Sports champion, now a video game grifter indirectly causes the swatting of another online gamer.  


But not is all what it seems and Leon recruits a diverse group of nerds (his loyal-to-a-fault BFF, a xennial game store manager, and a slacker single mom) to  cut down a racist and out of control sponsored gaming clan: HAZE - a YouTube channel run by rich, white, fuck boys. 


All Leon’s team needs to do is enter a tournament, steal from a charity, frame HAZE, and walk away unscathed.  Sounds easy, right?  But first they’ll have to get good.

Our Crew.


Our Cast.

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